selected works

Fata Morgana

„…because memory is always a fraud.“

Starting material of the projection are scanned analogue photographs, which act as „memory storage media“ of my personal memory. Pictured are places whose references have been deleted to their specific context and which are thus anonymised. The result is a three-dimensional collage of a fictional city that represents a projection screen of memories. Depending on the viewpoint and environment of the viewer, the partial reflection of the arranged material changes. Due to the behavior of the air layers, the visual impression changes constantly and thus leads to unpredictable fixed points of a processual memory.


Moving Drawers

interactive installation with three slide projectors

The installation consists of a fixed wall section and 3 movable „drawers“, each projects a RGB color separation of the same image. The observer controls, by his movement, the distances of the projectors to the screen, whereby the individual color components receive different weighting.


digital art installation and performance from Laura Russo, Lena Mayer and Conny Zenk at Kleylehof, Austria

Through the transparent fabric projections shimmer, which gives the room a new shape and thereby changes the feeling of space and influences the perception of the viewer while it accompanies him on a journey through the cosmos.