selected works


Director: Albin Wildner

Lost Love


directors ́s assistant and editor of the short film „Lost Love“ in collaboration with director Daniel Komosny
How do breaks arise in a long-term relationship? Why are we trying to change our partners? Starting with a conversation in a bar the story brings up problems of a long-term relationship, where one partner wants to change the other. But is it right to force someone into a change or will it result in a Lost Love?


The beginning of an enmity


Director: Daniel Komosny


Operation: Victoria


Director: Albin Wildner



editor of the short film „Talfahrt“ in collaboration with director Paul Reisinger
„Talfahrt“ tells the tragic story of two lovers who can neither be with nor without each other and of the alienation of those who are closest to us if we don’t share our deepest feelings.