selected works

Thoughts by Hammerstiel

exploring soundscapes in the city experimental video art piece of the ongoing collaboration with Michael Hammerstiel
„How do you explore sounds? How do you get inspiration?“ questions with several answers for artists, in collaboration with the musician Hammerstiel I am trying to show a wide spectrum of different styles of creation and production strategies. As the collaboration is ongoing this is just the first step and there are several new videos and art pieces planned.

Sunday field recording sillyness


How do you explore sounds? A fun journey with Hammerstiel



editor experimental short film in collaboration with director Michael Rittmannsberger
A static noise fills the atmosphere, a noise which is common to all of us, the noise of interference. The sky is clear and sunny as you hear a phone call coming in … As the call continues the sky is getting darker and the weather turns into dark, like the content of the call …

Media- and Stimulus satiation

collaboration with Christian Thüringer



Video Art Clip for Fashion Designer LILA & JOHN


Idea, Concept: Laura Skocek
Material and Roomconcept:  Lena Schwentenwein
Performance: Raffaela Gras
Lyrik: Joshua Muyiwa
Elektronik: Lukas Raschendorfer
Video: Christoph Gruber, Laura Russo, Jennifer Schwartze